Traditional Barbers Shop
& Men's Hair Stylists

~ Local Barber in West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset ~

Parley Barbers was established in December 2011. We are now in our third year of trading in West Parley and are doing exceptionally well. Our aim was to take everything learnt from a combined experience of over 70 years in Barbering and improve on that...

  • We listen to our customers and aim to create the style that they want, and not put people in a mould.
  • We offer quality haircuts and a little more time, giving them the feeling that they are getting the very best value for money.
  • We provide a clean environment and comfortable waiting area (sometimes too comfortable as we have had a couple fall asleep on our sofa - yes - you know who you are!)

We like to think that we are very happy in our jobs and portray this in our working environment.

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"I highly recommend Parley Barbers. I would not go anywhere else as they are friendly, professional and provide an excellent service" ~Mike~

A Call to the Barbers Chair

One of the great joys of being a Barber is meeting our customers – everyone is unique and there is a lot to be learnt from the experiences they share.Barbers West Parley Ferndown Dorset

Someone once said “ Don't you get bored of cutting hair?” The answer is absolutely and resolutely “No!” ...because of the customers. Only when your are a Barber do you realise the “Pull” towards cutting hair – we at Parley Barbers all have that “Pull” - we love to cut hair and cut it well.

A good barber is also a diplomat, entertainer, raconteur, philosopher, agony aunt, sympathiser amongst other qualities. You need the memory of an elephant (somewhat!), patience of a Saint (sometimes!) and to be cheerful (always!!) Have you not been to Parley Barbers? Why not?!

                                                          We are the full package!

Traditional Barbers Shop & Men's Hair Stylist offering a professional & friendly service in West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset.